Effective decision-making is a critical driver of corporate success and is typically collaborative in nature. Recent workplace technology developments, in particular the proliferation of Enterprise Social Media (ESM), not only promise to create better opportunities for such collaborative decision-making (CDM), but also offer a unique opportunity for extracting unparalleled amounts of server-side data on the structural and informational dynamics of decision groups. By curating this “big data” from ESM, the proposed research program aims to build novel theoretical models of the multilevel antecedents of effective decision-making and leverage system design to persuade groups to behave in ways beneficial to CDM.

Despite a vast body of research on ESM, very little Is known of the conditions or the processes behind the effectiveness of ESM in the achievement of business goals. ESM Is also a unique and essential context for studying CDM, since the way it occurs on such platforms may be rather different from traditional decision making.